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Black sausage three sauces: French, Mediterranean and favorite Depardieu sauce

In childhood, the black wolf was only fit to shoot her at each other from the tubes. As they get older, the situation changes – we only learn that it is possible to make a tolerable homemade liqueur from it. Break stereotypes! Having called for the help of cooks with Michelin stars on their shoulder straps, we decided to prove that not only wine can be made from black insects!
The most interesting thing is that they look at the black-fruited carnivore as wine material, although it is quite clear – according to the natural plan, it was created only for sauce and only for meat: those who love tkemali will understand what they mean. The tart, slightly astringent, sweet taste perfectly complements the pastry and patty dough – but that’s another story. Today we stop only on sauces!
Blackberry sauce does not tolerate uncertainty – either you retain its characteristic sweetness, or refuse it, leaving an astringent aftertaste. Lovers of unusual seasoning a good idea to combine it with spicy and sour: there will be something to tell your grandchildren in old age.
Mediterranean blackberry sauce
Traditional black and garlic sauce for meat is often found in the Spanish and Portuguese menus: bright taste is what you need in the coming slushy and overcast autumn. For him we need:
Chernoplodka – 0.5 kg;
Lemon – 1 large
Garlic – 50 gr.
Basil – 100 gr.
Sugar – 100 gr.
Salt – 0.5 tsp.
Everything is very simple – a black chop is minced along with garlic and lemon (the lemon must be with the skin, but with the bones taken out). Finely chop the basil, add to the mixture along with the sugar and mix thoroughly, then let stand for half an hour. You can add a little water, if the sauce seems too sour – serve specifically with grilled meat.
Blackberry French Sauce
Special masters in the field of sweet-tart affairs are the French, who have planted even the well-worn neighbors of the Italians for the black-fruited sauce. In their performance, he rather looks like a gravy. But this is a purely technical question: evaluate IT yourself, and determine how to call it. Nothing superfluous – in the best traditions of the French provincial cuisine.
Low-fat lamb – 500 gr.
Garlic – 3-4 cloves
Coarse sea salt
Coriander, rosemary, bay leaf
Fry the meat in a dry pan – the crust “seals” the piece, which now needs to be placed on the foil and sprinkled with salt, chopped plates of garlic, chopped coriander, rosemary and bay leaf in the mortar.
Cover a piece of meat with a black chokeberry – preferably sprigs with berries, wrap in foil and bake at a high temperature (more than 200 degrees) for about 2 hours. Every half an hour, water the resulting juice – the black wolf with herbs will completely lose its astringent properties, and will give all the sweetness to the meat. Juice on readiness must be drained and used as a sauce.
Gerard Depardieu’s favorite sauce
And again we return to the French – what to do if they are experts on sauces … And they also have brandy – what is needed for a sauce that has won recognition from Gerard Depardieu. While the Frenchman is enjoying the mysterious Russian soul, try to find out what made the black-cognac sauce one of the signature dishes of his Parisian restaurant.
To understand the subtle nature of Mr. Depardieu, you will need:
White crushed crackers – a glass
Butter – 50 gr.
Chernoplodka – 3-4 branches.
Orange – 1 large
Egg yolk – 1 pc.
Cognac – 20 gr.
Dry the crushed crackers in a pan to a slightly brown shade and stir them in melted butter. Chokeberry literally chopped to dust: the smaller the better. The same is with the orange, first freeing it from the peel and bones. We do not throw away the crust, but make a zest from it.
Mix all the above plus yolk, pepper and salt. And, of course – 20 grams of cognac: in the original recipe – Courvoisier. We mix, serve not only to the meat, but also to the bird: the black wolf and the orange are perfectly combined with the duck.