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Home baking as art

I just love baking, especially homemade. All these delicious cupcakes and muffins, buns, pies, donuts, rolls, cakes – my weakness. It is certainly harmful for the figure, but if the morning begins with a cup of aromatic coffee and an airy homemade bun, you can be sure that the day will be kind and your mood will be upbeat.
But I love not only to eat flour, but also to bake. And in the course of my post about useful trifles in the kitchen, I want to tell you a little bit about which handy devices help me during the witchcraft over another cake or cake.
So, first and foremost, after the dough came up, you need to turn on your culinary fantasy and think about how to decorate your creation. And here to help us again come great assistants from Tescoma. If you do not have all the important and necessary baking accessories on hand, baking something exquisitely beautiful will be very difficult.
Baking sheets, baking film, a variety of porcelain and silicone molds, cups and baskets, shovels, beaters, rolling pins – this is a list of utensils necessary to regularly pamper your relatives with tasty pastries, but if your plans include making something completely unforgettable, Arsenal of funds must be expanded.
First of all, you will need: a cooking syringe, stencils for decoration, and also such a miracle, like a pistol for flaming. It is simply indispensable for simple and fast flambing of confectionery products, caramelization of sugar, roasting cheese, roasting vegetables, cooking crisp on steaks, etc. And the gun is filled with ordinary gas for lighters.
And I also like to decorate pastries with a special pastry syringe with a piston. The whole eight nozzles are attached to it, so my imagination has a place to roam.
But most recently, thanks to a friend, I made a discovery for myself – a surface for rolling dough from Tescoma. This is such a handy thing! Not only does the dough never stick to this surface, and it is easy to clean, it also has a special centimeter grid applied on it, with which it is very convenient to measure and cut the rolled dough.
And I also have magic wands that save me in days when I’m too lazy to spend a lot of time decorating baking. Fortunately, this is not often the case, but sometimes the next arrival of guests or a holiday falls on the day when I’m lazy, and of course I really do not want to lose face and discredit my image as a cook. On such “non-working” days I decorate pastries with stencils – simple, fast and very beautiful! The choice of stencils at Tescoma is extensive, the themes are very different – Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, March 8, etc. It’s nice that the stencils are plastic, not disposable, and are perfectly washable.