Black sausage three sauces: French, Mediterranean and favorite Depardieu sauce
In childhood, the black wolf was only fit to shoot her at each other from the tubes. As they get older, the situation changes - we only learn that it…

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Chefs-academy® Culinary Academy presents: a culinary school!
It is no secret that the culinary industry has long been turned into one of the most beautiful, and most importantly, delicious art forms. Every person loves to have a…

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Cooking eclairs
Eclair acquired the classic look in the nineteenth century thanks to the French chef Marie-Antoine Kemer, although the choux pastry was known before. But it was he who created the…


Easy Apple Pie
One autumn evening we racked our brains: how to fake a cake, but so that it was lighter than usual. So that was not so deadly for the figure, like…

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Muse Cookery and cooks in robes: 10 interesting facts about chefs

In the 18th century, English King George II commanded that the white cap always be worn at work. This headgear negated the risk that the hair of the conquerors would fall into the royal plate. Since then, the chef’s cap has not changed, and the requirement for its wearing is enshrined in the sanitary standards of many countries around the world.
Cook millionaire
Forbes magazine awarded the honorary title of the richest cook in the world to Briton Gordon Ramsay. His fortune is estimated at 38 million dollars. He managed to earn such money thanks to a network of first-class restaurants, which are incredibly popular not only in the United Kingdom, but also in the United Arab Emirates and the USA.
The first ever Olympic champion in 776 BC. e. there was a cook from Elida named Corab.
Cook riots
In ancient Rome, there were uprisings of cooks, representatives of this profession took control of entire cities.
In ancient Greece there were nine muses, and in ancient Rome there were one more. The tenth muse became the patroness of the cooking business, her name was Cooking.
Noble profession
In Germany, from 1291, the chef was one of the four most important figures at court. In France, only notable people became culinary professionals of the highest ranks, where the post of chief winemaker was the third most important after the chamberlain and chief stableman posts. Then followed the breadmaker, the chief winemaker, the chef, the restaurant managers who were closest to the court, and only then the marshals and admirals.
In our age of high technology, there are also robots-cooks. One of them works in a restaurant in the Japanese city of Nagoya. This robot’s name is Fua-Men, it can not only wash dishes and shred vegetables, but also prepare main dishes. The Fua-Men chef can produce up to 80 set meals per shift.
Cooks prisoners
In England there is a restaurant called The Clink, where about 30 inmates work as cooks. They also serve as waiters and cleaners. The institution can serve up to 96 people per day.
Male chefs in priority
All over the world it is widely believed that the best cooks are men. Some experts attribute this to the fact that the stronger sex more thoroughly delves into the business. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that in women the temperature of the hands is two degrees higher than in men. For this reason, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in Japan are not allowed to make sushi and desserts.
Insoluble dispute between French and Italian chefs
For many centuries, the French and Italians argue about which one is the best cook. There is no consensus on this score, but most cooks agree that the inhabitants of the Fifth Republic are best served with desserts, and the inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula have reached unprecedented heights in the preparation of fish and seafood.
* The World Association of Culinary Communities is an international organization of representatives of the cooking profession, comprising 8 million members from around the world.