Easy Apple Pie
One autumn evening we racked our brains: how to fake a cake, but so that…

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Информация открытия замка на сайте.
Digest information
Do you want to work as a top-class chef or as a kitchen chef? Then…

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Pancakes at Shrovetide
Ever since pagan times, the pancake in Russia is a symbol of the sun. It…


Black sausage three sauces: French, Mediterranean and favorite Depardieu sauce
In childhood, the black wolf was only fit to shoot her at each other from…

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Cooking as a vocation. 7 reasons to become a cook

In an era of total scarcity, cooks became, in order to be closer to the products, to work in warmth and contentment. The profession of a cook was considered one of the easiest and well-fed. But at the same time and was not too respected. Years have passed, and now we know that cooking is a real art, a cook can become a global star and earn an impressive fortune.
And why do people become cooks? We chose 7 main reasons, in our opinion:
One day with a cook. As a worker “defense” changed tanks for pies
To be always necessary
War – war, and lunch on a schedule. People will never stop eating, and they are unlikely to be content with tube meals. So the profession of a cook will always be in demand.
Become a star
A good cook is always a star. Even if he cooks in the factory canteen. And in restaurants to the chefs knowingly lining up kilometer queues. But you can become famous all over the world if you generously share your recipes and professional tricks with people, speak on television, hold master classes and write books.
Bring joy and pleasure
Food is a great pleasure for everyone. And the one who prepared it gives people joy and happiness. He can energize, help to relax after a busy day, create a romantic atmosphere, bring inspiration, even make love break out … A chef gives emotions. And this is a huge source of inspiration and vitality. On the other hand, the chief must remember his enormous power and responsibility to those whom he feeds.
Aram Mnatsakanov: “We, cooks, have no right to make mistakes”
Meet interesting people
Cook’s social circle is unusually broad. Completely different people come to him, each with his own fate and history. Food combines engineers and travelers, actors and power plants, foresters and photo models.
Learn new
Any professional needs constant training and improvement of skills. But cooking – this is an area that is simply impossible to comprehend from edge to edge. Every day will have to face new challenges, new recipes and new people. You can only dream about a quiet life, but you do not even have time to get bored.
See the world
You can travel around the world without leaving your kitchen – just cook dishes from different countries and study history and geography. After all, the culinary tradition of each nation bears the imprint of nature, the characters of people, national traditions and even historical facts. But we must not forget that inquisitive chefs constantly need new impressions and inspirations. For many, such a source of inspiration and self-improvement was traveling and exploring the dishes of different nations.
And just eat lunch every day.
Well cooked one who eats with pleasure. So if you want every day to have a tasty lunch, breakfast and dinner, to put various interesting dishes on your table, then it is better not to rely on others and start cooking soups and making desserts with your own hands.