Baked Oatmeal
Remember the joke? In an English restaurant: What do you have for breakfast today? -…

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Interesting facts about cooking
Fact No. 1. American scientists conducted research, during the course of which it was found…

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Classic "Red Velvet"
Red Velvet is an American classic. Cake with a subtle chocolate flavor made from scarlet-colored…


Caramel Apple Cake
This cupcake is baked in a round shape with a hole in the middle. This…

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Interesting candy facts

Candy is a confection, which is known for elevating improves mood. As a rule, the product contains 60-75% sugar. Initially, candies were called candied or processed into jam fruits that were used for medicinal purposes. Today, confectioners are experimenting with the ingredients of sweets, as well as preparing types already known to everyone, such as candy, toffee, caramel, fudge, chocolate and licorice candies, candy bars, and many others. Especially for the sweet tooth, we have collected the most interesting facts about this delicacy.
– The very first candies appeared almost 3 thousand years ago in ancient Egypt.
– For the manufacture of the first candies, the ancient Egyptians used honey and dates, the ancient Romans – nuts, honey and poppy, Arabs – almonds and figs (figs), rusichi – molasses, honey and maple syrup.
– In the 16th century, Europe was swept by real chocolate. Many believed that chocolate has a magical effect on the body. Sometimes he was even charged with adultery. For example, there is a case when a court lady justified the birth of a black child by her excessive passion for chocolate.
– Studies by German psychologists have proven that
the choice of pastry can be read the nature of man. People who prefer sweets with coconut filling are creative personalities. With nut – shy, with cherry – resolute and persistent, with strawberry – incorrigible romance.
– In Russia in the 19th century, sweets were served at invited parties only in the richest houses. Candies were made to order individually for each evening, since at that time there were still no domestic confectioneries.
– Employees of the confectionary factory “Gummi Bear Factory” made the world’s largest candy weighing 633 kg. The sweetness was made in the idea of ​​a bear with a height of 1.68 m. A special form was ordered for making candy. Weight, which was four tons.
– Chupa Chups is the only candy that has been in conditions of weightlessness. In 1995, the cosmonauts of the Mir station asked to send them candy. On Earth, at the Mission Control Center, it was decided that the safest candy in zero gravity would be chupa chups.
– In Finland, there are salty candies, invented specifically for beer. The Finns also surprised the world with candies with a sour filling and a taste of oil.
– The most popular sweets in Switzerland and Germany – praline. These are sweets stuffed with roasted nuts with sugar. Invented this type of candy Jean Neaus in 1663.
– The most popular sweets in the USSR were “Bird’s milk”. For their preparation used agar-agar, which was harvested from seaweed.