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Tangerine Jams and Marmalades
The flavor of the New Year is, of course, the tangerines and the Christmas tree.…

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Tangerine Jams and Marmalades

The flavor of the New Year is, of course, the tangerines and the Christmas tree. And if the latter is still a bit early, then it’s time to do tangerines. Tangerines make chic jams and often the most interesting ones are those that use not only the flesh, but also the rind of the tangerines.
The main thing that needs to be done with any use of tangerines with skin is how to soak them, not sparing the time. The meaning of soaking is not only that the characteristic bitterness, which exists in any zest, goes into the water. Another thing is more important: so you soak up all that is harmful that has accumulated in the peel of the mandarins. They are sprayed from pests in the process of growing, and often also pre-sale preparation includes the treatment of substances that enhance the brilliance and brightness of color. So if your tangerines are not from an organic store, soak them thoroughly.
In general, in the citrus peel there is not only the magic scent that essential oils give it, but volatile production agents – substances acting as antibiotics – they kill bacteria.
Tangerine jam with zest
For the basics:
Uncleaned tangerines – 1.5 kg
For syrup:
water – 1 l
sugar – 1 kg
Whole tangerines, without peeling or cutting, put in a large container, fill them with cold water. In water, the fruit must spend a day, during which the water will need to be changed at least four times.
Before you start slicing soaked tangerines, boil sugar syrup. Mix water and sugar, stirring slowly, heat over medium heat and letting it boil, remove from heat. Tangerines cut straight with the peel. You can cut it into round slices, you can make slices – it doesn’t matter much, the pieces will not retain their shape, but rather melt away.
Crushed tangerines need to pour syrup and leave to insist – it will take a day. Only after that start cooking the jam – over low heat, stirring frequently for 3 hours (or more if you feel that the jam has not thickened enough).
Tangerine marmalade for toast
If you like to spread fresh hot morning toast with marmalade, this is the recipe for you. Intense aroma and pleasant, close to thick cream texture, convenient for spreading – these are the distinctive features of this marmalade.
tangerines – 2.5 kg
sugar 1.5 kg
zhelfiks – 1 bag
Peel tangerines, but do not throw them away. Cover the rind with cool water and leave for at least 8 hours. Tangerines, pre-cut arbitrarily, add sugar and leave to stand at the same time that the skins soak.
After soaking, change the water in the pan with the skins and boil them. Leave it to boil slowly for half an hour. Drain the broth and then chop the rind with a blender until smooth, without grains, mashed.
Tangerines, covered with sugar, by that time gave juice – you will have a semi-liquid mass in the pan. Like the skins, we put them on fire for half an hour of light bubbling. In the process, the mass should be boiled down by about 1/3. Cooking time can be slightly extended if you see that in 30 minutes the liquid has evaporated a little. The boiled mass must be worked through with a blender, as is the case with skins, to absolute smoothness. After that, mix it with mash from the skins, punch again with a blender, then add the gelatin and boil for another 10 minutes, continuously stirring. After that, you can pour the perfect morning marmalade on the banks.
Tangerine jam with cinnamon, ginger and cloves
The aroma of this jam is a real cocktail of New Year’s aromas. The warm smell of cinnamon, spicy cloves, warming ginger and of course – the tangerines themselves. All this in the process of cooking jam fills the house with a cozy smell like a warm woolen blanket. It is especially recommended to get jam in moments when you are tired of winter chill, when the forces leave you and you don’t want to smile at all. Open a jar of jam, inhale its concentrated smell and it will help you cope with the blues as well as any psychotherapist.
peeled tangerines – 1 kg
apples – 2 pcs.
sugar – 400 g
cinnamon – 1 stick
dry ground ginger – 1 tbsp.
Carnation – 5 pcs.
Purified tangerines chop blender to a state of mashed potatoes. Cut the apples into halves, cut out the hearts (but do not throw them out). Cut the peeled halves into several pieces and also work the blender to a puree-like state. Pour in to the tangerines. Add sugar.
Next you need a piece of gauze. In it it is necessary to wrap the hearts of apples, cinnamon sticks, cloves. Tie it all up so that the bag does not open during the cooking process. All this we need to then remove and throw. For now we send it to float directly to jam and we put everything on fire. After waiting for boiling, reduce the heat and slowly cook 40-50 minutes. If you don’t want to bother with cooking, you can add gelatin, then after boiling it will be enough to cook for 10 minutes.