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Easy Apple Pie

One autumn evening we racked our brains: how to fake a cake, but so that it was lighter than usual. So that was not so deadly for the figure, like all the other pies in the world, and so that was also apple. Because, in the corner of the kitchen, the basket of apples expressed a reproach with all its appearance, and even seemed to hint: eat them! September is in the yard, a rare person now does not have in the kitchen a basket / bag / box of summer apples.
In such a difficult situation, many would have failed: apples, a light cake – a seemingly hopeless situation. But having rejected all doubts that there is a way to find an easy cake, we were wading through dozens of mocking recipes, for some unknown reason, supplied with the tag “low-calorie cake” or “light cake”.
When you read one by one these recipes issued to you by Google, at first you are perplexed, then you start thinking: is there a conspiracy here?
Of course, easy pies do not exist. But not as much as calling a “light” cake, in which it is recommended to put “4 large eggs, 300 grams of butter and 2 cups of sugar”?
Maybe, simply, everything is tweaked on purpose so that we can never lose weight ;?)
And now, the victory. One such pie was found. Of course, he has a minus. And this minus is that there is flour in this pie. But you know, of course, it would not hurt us all to know the cake recipe without flour, but it seems that it does not exist.
But then there is almost no sugar in this cake, there are no eggs at all, and apples are its main component. Useful and not at all high in calories.
Easy Apple Pie
1 cup flour
1 glass semolina
0.5 cup sugar
1 teaspoon soda
50 grams of butter or light cream spread
1.5 kg of apples
Simplicity – it is always admired in the recipe. Who is interested in spending an hour or two in the kitchen cooking? No, no and NO. This cake is a time-saving miracle – the preparatory stage takes a couple of minutes and this is delicious!
In short, you need to do this:
Peel the apples and chop them on a coarse grater. Mix flour, semolina, sugar and soda.
We take a baking dish, coat it with butter and pour some of our dry mix there. Layer thickness should be 0.5 – 1 cm. Now lay out a layer of grated apples – the same thickness. Then – again a layer of dry mix. And so, until the components run out. The top should be a layer of dry mix. On it you need to put the pieces of butter. And if you want easier pie, use low-calorie spread.
Now – all in the oven for 60 minutes. Temperature – 180.
Prepared? Let the cake cool. Set aside an hour, or even more. Only then remove from the form.
The cake will not be sweet at all, the apples will retain their fresh taste. The dough turns crumbly and slightly looks like a shortbread. During cooking, by the way, you will feel a strong smell of semolina, which will return you with thoughts to the sensations of the school or even kindergarten dining room. Do not panic: the smell of the semolina will disappear after the cake has cooled. You will no longer remember the gastronomic impressions of childhood.