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Italian strudel

This does not seem obvious at all, but the strudel is a traditional Italian dessert. The Trentino-Alto Adige region is bordered by Austria, and from here, undergoing changes in recipes, strudel penetrated Italian cuisine.
Italian strudel is not as solid as its prototype: a very thin dough barely restrains the filling, a thin crisp melts in your mouth.
By the way, the whole strudel history – from beginning to end – is a story about border crossing. Strudel is a Turkish baklava in the past. How did she get to Austria? In the 16th and 17th centuries Hungary, neighboring with Austria, was ruled by the Turks. Once in the center of Europe, the baklava was modified according to what products were at hand.
But back to business. The Italian recipe differs from the traditional Austrian not only in the airiness of the dough. There are very specific recommendations about apples. For strudel you need to choose rennet apples – these are sweet apples with tender pulp. Renet is not difficult to find, so to listen to the recommendation is not difficult.
For the test:
flour – 125 g
egg – 1 pc.
salt – 1 pinch
warm water 25-30 ml
olive oil – 1 tbsp. l
For filling:
apples – 750 g
lemon juice – 1 tsp
sugar 60 g
Cinnamon – 1 tbsp.
pine nuts – 25 g
raisins – 50 g
rind of one lemon
butter – 100 g
3-4 loaf slices
In a large bowl, combine the flour and salt, and then break the egg here and mix. Then you need to pour warm water, mix again, add olive oil and knead the dough until plasticity. It should be pliable, easy to peel off from the hands and resemble well-kneaded plasticine in consistency. If you feel that the dough is a little watery, and this can happen when using certain types of flour, feel free to enter an additional amount of flour.
When the correct consistency is reached, roll the dough into a ball, wrap it in plastic and put it in the refrigerator.
While the dough is cooling, there is time to cook the filling. Apples need to be cut into small cubes and immediately sprinkle them with lemon juice. This is necessary not for taste, but in order that they do not darken, but remain beautiful white. Add sugar, cinnamon, pine nuts, raisins and lemon zest to apples.
Now it will be necessary to make bread crumbs. To do this, cut off a crust from slices of loaf from all sides, and crush the remaining crumb. Put the bread in the pan and dry the crumbs over low heat. Now heat the butter in a large frying pan – 100 g. When it is melted, put breadcrumbs here and fry them for about half a minute, then add all the stuffing and let it fry for 2 minutes, stirring constantly, but observing accuracy, so as not to stretch the apples.
After that, you can take the dough out of the fridge, roll it out in the shape of a rectangle and lay out the stuffing so that a small strip of dough remains along all the edges. Twist this strip so that it lies on the filling, holding it. Then, using a kitchen towel, roll the future strudel into a roll. Baking time – 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. The finished strudel is sprinkled with powdered sugar, and sometimes watered with melted white chocolate.