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Apple pie

Charlotte or apple pie is probably familiar to everyone. Delicate, light, with a pleasant apple sourness, it will be a great dessert that will decorate any meal. And you can cook it very quickly.
The focus should be on the test. Cooking biscuit dough, namely, it is used as a basis, not complicated, but requires adherence to some rules. The first is that you definitely need to carefully beat the eggs with sugar. It is better to entrust this mission to the mixer. It is necessary to beat almost ten minutes, so that the mass significantly increased in volume. It is very good to add vanilla sugar here. Delicate aroma of vanilla very well with apples. To make the finished cake more refined, a little almond essence can be added to the whipping process. It does not affect the taste at all, but will give a wonderful, slightly bitter smell.
While the eggs are being whipped and increasing in volume, apples should be prepared. For apple pie, Antonov apples are the best choice. Sweet-sour, with a delicate aroma, they will become soft and almost weightless during the cooking process. But any other varieties will do. The main thing is that they are hard enough not to spread during the cooking process.
Eggs are ready. It is time to combine them with flour. Of course, what an apple pie without cinnamon. It is better to add to the flour. Because flour needs to be sifted in order to fill it with air, and at the same time cinnamon is sifted. If desired, you can add quite a bit of ground cloves. This will give a slight piquancy to the cake. Flour should be added carefully so as not to disturb the airy structure of the eggs. Then the sponge cake will be more lush and tender. Neat all the flour, but in small portions, with gentle folding movements. Apples are added at the very end so that the finished dough does not settle.
Traditionally, the cake is baked in a round shape. But you can make it in the form of a brick. Or even bake it in small molds for muffins. From this will depend on the cooking time. If the shape is round, then putting in the dough, you can shake it slightly, knock on the table. This is done so that the dough is more evenly distributed, and the finished cake rises evenly.
The cake is sent to a preheated oven. It is best to follow the baking of the cake without opening the oven door, especially at first. Otherwise, the biscuit from the access of cold air may fall.
So simply and quickly it will be possible to decorate any day, pamper yourself with a delicious apple pie.