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Interesting facts about keikpops or “Keikpops? No, I have not heard

What kind of sweet treats can usually be found at celebrations? That’s right: candy, biscuits, cake or cakes. But do you know what keypops are? This is a trendy dessert, which only gains popularity in our country. But now he is able to compete with more famous confectionery. True sweet teeth will be interested to know that …
1. Keypops is a kind of hybrid of mini-cake and chupa-chups.
Rather, in taste and composition, this pastry resembles a cake, and visually – colorful lollipop. As a rule, biscuit dough in combination with butter cream is the basis for keycops. But the filling can be completely different: for example, chocolate, fruit or nut. The main feature of this treat is in its presentation. Biscuit balls strung on long skewers are coated with icing. As soon as it freezes, you can proceed to the decor. For this most often used multicolored confectionery dressing, parts made of mastic, coconut chips, grated chocolate or nuts. Prepare keypops in silicone forms or in special devices.
2. Initially keikpops made from unnecessary biscuit crumbs.
Yes, over the years, the original cakes have remained in the shadows. No one recognized them as a complete dish. The first keycaps are obliged by their appearance to those resourceful pastry chefs who did not want to just get rid of baking debris. They prolonged the life of biscuit crumbs, mixing them with other ingredients and getting sweet balls. And who would have thought that the underrated delicacy would soon be transformed and become the star of the Internet.
3. Keypops are famous thanks to the American blogger.
It happened in 2008. Angie Dudley – a pastry chef and part-time blogger from the United States – made a small revolution in the pastry world. In her blog, she published a photo of an unusual dessert. And she gave him the name – “Cake Pops” (cake on a stick). According to Angie, she wanted to beat the classic biscuit cake in a new way, giving it a candy shape.
And such an experiment was a success. Millions of users were eager to find out the recipe for amazing sweetness. The confectioner was happy to share the secrets of cooking Keikpops, conducted cooking classes, and even wrote a best-selling book about her innovative invention. And one world-famous chain of coffee shops included keypops in its menu.
4. Keikpopsy – universal treat, which is suitable for any event.
For example, biscuit “Chupa Chups” ideally complement the buffet, timed to the engagement. They can be served at the wedding banquet as a separate dessert or as part of a sweet table. At the same time, keypops are not as expensive as a big traditional cake. In addition, non-trivial sweets clearly bribe their convenience. The process of tasting these cakes will be an exciting experience for your guests. No commonplace cutlery. Instead of them – the opportunity to plunge into childhood and enjoy an appetizing variation of sweets on comfortable chopsticks. It is also worth noting that miniature portions are more useful. They will not overload the stomach and allow better control of the feeling of satiety.
And here are some ideas for decorating wedding keypops:
products in the form of scarlet hearts with romantic inscriptions;
mini cakes, similar to the bridesmaid dress and groom’s suit;
cakes in a single color scheme, decorated with delicate rose petals and pearl sprinkles
Keykops “Roses” Keykops “Roses”
Keikpops “For Lovers” Keikpops “For Lovers”
Keikpops “Bride and Groom” Keikpops “Bride and Groom”
But on this options Keikpops do not end! This is a great solution for theme parties, corporate parties, home parties, hen parties and bachelor parties. Rate how creative the design of round cakes can be:
popcorn keikpopsy – for emotional get-togethers with family or friends watching your favorite movies;
Keypops in the form of funny snowmen – for the New Year’s party;
Keikpopsy in the form of cute babies with pacifier and ruddy cheeks – to celebrate in honor of the future mother and her baby (baby shauer).
Popcorn Keypops Popcorn Keypops
New Year Keikpops New Year Keikpops
Keykopops “Kids” Keykopops “Kids”
But perhaps the most bright candy on a stick will be happy children. Make your child an unexpected birthday surprise! Colorful keypops will perfectly fit into the joyful atmosphere of a children’s holiday. In addition, they will help kids develop their imagination, improve their perception of color and shape. This is what the confectioners’ imagination is capable of:
cakes in the form of Disney princesses – the best gift for a little birthday girl;
keypops in the form of ninja turtles for young and brave heroes;
sweets in the form of funny animals (chickens, sheep, pigs or cats “Hello Kitty”).