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Pancakes at Shrovetide

Ever since pagan times, the pancake in Russia is a symbol of the sun. It was believed that the more you cook pancakes on Maslenitsa, the more fertile the land will be, and therefore life will be richer …
Pancakes stuffed with chicken and vegetables
Viennese pancake pie
Pancakes with cheese and mushroom sauce
Envelopes with cottage cheese
Pancakes on kefir
Oat pancakes
Pancakes “royal” with pripek
Wheat pancakes
Pancakes are a culinary product cooked by roasting (sometimes baking) liquid dough poured on a hot frying pan; usually round. Pancakes are served with different snacks, and thin pancakes – sometimes with the filling wrapped in them.
Pancakes may have been the first flour products and are rooted in prehistoric times. All peoples who use flour in cooking have a variety of them: Russian pancakes, French (thin) pancakes (fr. Crepes), Mongolian gambir, Chinese pancakes, palachinki, English pancakes, Indian Dosa, Ethiopian youth, Mordovian pancakes and others.
Pancakes are the main ritual food of Pancake Week. Rich people started baking pancakes on Monday, the poor – on Thursday or Friday. Oparu for pancakes cooked cooked with special rituals. Some were made out of snow in the yard, when the month comes out, saying: “You are the month, the golden horns are your horns! Look at the window, blow on the oparu “. It was believed that as a result of this pancakes are becoming more white and friable. Others went out in the evening to prepare a brew on a river, a well or a lake, when the stars appeared. The preparation of the first opara was held in the greatest mystery of all domestic and outsiders. The slightest negligence of the cook brought the hostess to longing for all the carnival.
Features of Pancake Week Days related to pancakes:
Monday: Began to bake the first pancakes. They were put on the auditory window “for the souls of the parents” or gave to the poor to remember the dead – “The first pancake is for the peace.”
Tuesday: Tuesday brides looked, young people were invited to pancakes. To invite Maslenitsa to shout, the words were said: “We have mountains of snow ready and pancakes are baked – please ask!”.
Wednesday: On this day, the son-in-law came to the mother-in-law for pancakes, which she herself prepared (“for the mother-in-law for pancakes”).
Thursday: Thursday began a wide debauchery. The dressed kids went from house to house and sang: “Tryntsy-Bryntsy, bake blintsy!”
Friday: On this day, the mother-in-law came to visit her son-in-law with a return visit. Pancakes on this day baked a daughter – the wife of a son-in-law.
Proverbs about pancakes
Damn is not a wedge, the belly is not split.
I sold my soul for oat pancake.
Where are the pancakes, here we are; where pancakes, there and right.
Case pancake pancake did not work.
How long does a dog have a hot pancake?