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Top 5 of the most delicious and easy-to-prepare creams for filling cakes, pastries, eclairs

There are a lot of recipes for successful biscuits and cakes for the cake – vanilla, chocolate, carrot, lemon, pistachio – a wide variety of recipes from simple to complex. But as a cream for cakes or other pastries, the same time-tested and experienced pastry chefs are used. Professional pastry chefs and simple housewives make small adjustments to the proportions and choice of ingredients, but the changes are minor.
What are the most simple and popular cream recipes in the confectionery industry?
1. Cream on homemade custard base (custard cream)
Ingredients: egg yolks (4pcs), milk (500 ml), sugar (200g), two tablespoons of wheat flour, vanilla sugar to taste, butter (200 g).
Preparation: First of all, preparing the brewed mixture. Yolks should be rubbed with dry ingredients in a saucepan with a thick bottom. In a hotel bowl, bring the milk to hot, then pour the milk into the egg mixture and over low heat it is necessary to stir until it becomes thick, but do not let it boil. Cool the prepared custard base and add it to the whipped cream butter, beat a little more until a thick and smooth cream is obtained.
The amount of oil can be reduced or increased depending on the desired density of the cream. For the impregnation of honey cakes or napoleon cream can be made more liquid, and for custard cakes, the cream is a bit thicker.
2. Cream based on cottage cheese or mascarpone
Cream cheese or butter cream with mascarpone cheese is ideal for leveling sponge cake.
Ingredients: fat cream 33-35% (200 ml), cream cheese or mascarpone cheese (400 ml), powdered sugar (70-100 g).
Preparation: All ingredients are cold! Cream is whipped with powdered sugar until thickened, curd cheese is added to whipped cream. The proportions can be changed depending on the desired result. If you add more cream, and less cheese – less thick cream is obtained. This tasty dense cream is suitable for any cake, ideally combined with mousse layers and fruit and berry compote.
3. Custard Protein Cream
Ingredients: egg whites (3pcs), sugar (200g), water (50g).
Preparation: Protein whip at low speed mixer, a little later, speed up a little. From sugar and water to cook syrup, the temperature of the syrup should be at least 120 degrees. Pour the syrup in a thin stream into the whites, continuing to beat the mixture until a dense and smooth cream is obtained. Protein cream is perfect for creating floral decorations.
4. Cream ganache on dark chocolate
Another cream that is well suited for finishing or creating perfect cake caps.
Ingredients: rich cream (200 ml), dark or milk chocolate (200g).
Preparation: the cream should be heated on a slow fire and melt the chocolate in them, mix everything until smooth and put in the refrigerator until it cools and cooled. Beat the resulting creamy chocolate mixture at a medium speed mixer until thick.
5. Oil cream
One of the easiest and most popular recipes for every housewife.
Ingredients: a can of condensed milk (boiled condensed milk or caramel will suit as well), 200 g butter.
Preparation: Butter should be whipped with a mixer, gradually pouring condensed milk. The finished cream can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator, but kept warm before use.
To prepare these creams and to please the family is not difficult even for an inexperienced hostess!