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Caramel Apple Cake

This cupcake is baked in a round shape with a hole in the middle. This type of cake is called a bandt-cake. The apple band with apples is a complex and multicomponent piece of gastronomic art. There will be a lot of almost ritual mixing, whipping, erasing – but be that as it may, the apple bandt – was, is and is sure to remain, one of the most English dishes.
3 cups flour
1 tsp cinnamon
0.5 tsp salt
baking soda and vinegar
300 grams of butter
2 cups sugar
1 cup sour cream
2 large or 4 medium apples
4 eggs
For caramel: 1 cup of sugar, cup of cream, 80 grams of butter
Before cooking, set the oven to warm up. It should reach 180 degrees. Two more preparatory actions are lubrication of the form with oil (plentifully!) And sprinkling the sides with flour.
Now we undertake the main business. Mix flour, cinnamon, add hydrated soda and salt. We set aside.
Now we need to whip butter. This requires a mixer. The oil should turn into a creamy substance. As a rule, this result can be achieved in 2 minutes of operation with a mixer. After that, add sugar to the butter and beat another three minutes. The color of the mixture should be light, and the texture should be lighter than before. Then mix the eggs, not all at once, but one by one. Each time working with a mixer for 30-40 seconds and only then adding the next egg. Then add some vanilla. Now the mixer must be switched to very low speed and add the contents of the first bowl, in which the flour. And add here the sour cream.
It is best to stir it in several stages, stirring one portion, add the next. The final is the addition of diced apples.
We post a wonderful mix in the form and send bake. Fifty minutes of the bandt cake is baked. Check it in the usual way: use a toothpick to pierce the cake to its middle. Take out the toothpick – it should stay clean.
While the cake is baked, you can do caramel. For everything to go well with caramel, it is very important to use the right utensils. We need a stewpan with thick walls. Our choice is a ceramic stewpan. It keeps heat well and heats up very evenly. For caramel, this is important.
Place the saucepan on a small fire and pour sugar into the saucepan. Heating it will begin to darken, stir it incessantly. As soon as all the sugar has become evenly brown, add the butter and interfere-interfere-interfere. The mixture should be similar to syrup. Once the oil is completely melted, remove the saucepan from the heat. Pour cream into it. And again we mix everything. Get a pleasant mass of creamy beige shade.
Our cupcake during this time should be baked, get it. Now you can take a break for 1 hour. The cupcake should cool down. Until then, it can not be removed from the form.
After 60 minutes, we return to cooking: carefully remove the cake from the mold and pour it with caramel. It must be distributed evenly.
Level with a spoon if somewhere the layer turns out to be too thick.