Delicate Chocolate Cake
This is a very big and heavy cake. It must be prepared in advance, at…

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Culinary mistakes. What dishes were invented by chance
On August 24, 1853, Indian chef John Crum made up chips. He did this to…

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Favorite cakes - that we do not know about them?
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Baked Oatmeal
Remember the joke? In an English restaurant: What do you have for breakfast today? -…

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Culinary mistakes. What dishes were invented by chance

On August 24, 1853, Indian chef John Crum made up chips. He did this to annoy a harmful customer.
There are many such stories. Many of today’s famous dishes were invented by mistake, with anger, with despair, or to get out of a difficult situation. And they were so successful that their fame survived the fame of the cook.
On August 24, 1853, at the resort of Saratoga Springs in America, at a restaurant in one expensive hotel, someone called Vanderbilt ordered french fries, the restaurant’s signature dish. Chef George Crum prepared the dish, but did not please the client. It seemed to him that the potatoes were too fat.The cook did not want to argue with the railway magnate and remade the dish. But in order to annoy a harmful client, he chopped potatoes very thinly, almost like a paper sheet. And roasted. Contrary to expectations, the tycoon was satisfied, and the dish became popular. He was called “Saratoga Chips”.
There is a legend that in 1956 at the factory. Karl Marx (today – Kiev confectionary factory Roshen) there was a nuisance. In the biscuit shop, workers forgot to put a batch of egg white prepared for baking into the refrigerator. The next shift, which included Konstantin Petrenko and 17-year-old Nadezhda Chernogor, decided to “cover up” the comrades. Confectioners made cakes from the missing protein, which were sandwiched with an oily cream. This is how the “Kiev cake” appeared.
Officials of the factory deny this legend; according to their version, confectioners purposefully worked on the recipe. Patented the recipe in 1973, but the idea originated in 1956.
Top 20 Tips to Make a Delicious and Tasty Dough
All the favorite buns with raisins are on our table thanks to … a cockroach. It was like this: in the 50s of the XIX century governor-general Zakrevsky ruled in Moscow. The best pastry in the city – from Ivan Fillipov – was delivered to his table. Once the governor found a cockroach in a bun! Zakrevsky summoned the baker to himself and began to scold him for his carelessness. But Phillipov did not lose his head, he cheerfully ate a roll with a cockroach and assured the governor that it was a raisin. A bun – a novelty in his bakery, especially for his excellency!
From such arrogance Zakrevsky lost his head and let Fillipov go. And he returned to the bakery, poured raisins into the dough for buns. By the time the governor-general was on the streets of Moscow, buns with raisins were already being sold.
Lean, diet, vegetarian and other versions of Olivier
The cook, whose name is firmly associated with the restaurant cuisine of the XIX century and the celebration of the New Year in the XX century, invented his salad from resentment to visitors.
In the second half of the XIX century a variety of mayonnaises were popular. Peculiar meat, and not only plates, where the pieces of meat of many varieties were beautifully arranged, often watered with sauce. Lucien Olivier conceived something similar for the guests of the Hermitage restaurant: a filet of partridges and grouse, pieces of lanspeak (solidified strong broth prepared as a fill), calf tongue and crayfish tails with Provencal sauce. Assorted was decorated as a work of art. The visitors didn’t appreciate the visual part: they preferred to mix everything and eat like a hearty salad.
The cook got angry and the next day served the dish in the form of a salad. The guests were very pleased.
During the times of Prohibition, the most important day for his country, resourceful American businessmen and Hollywood stars were celebrated in Mexico. Caesar’s Place’s Caesar Cardini’s small venue also included many guests. And if there was plenty of alcohol, then things were much worse with the products – they were almost nonexistent. But Cardini got out, showing culinary sharpness: rubbed a plate of garlic, put romano lettuce on it, sprinkled with olive oil, squeezed lemon juice, added eggs, freshly grated parmesan, spicy herbs, croutons of white bread and some Worcester sauce. So the first version of Caesar salad appeared.
Does health start with breakfast?
Flakes were invented by the Kellog brothers who lived in Michigan in the 19th century. They were so persistent in making cornmeal dinner that they prepared a new, unprecedented dish. The brothers made themselves cornfish flours. They began to make dough, but had to leave the fire. They returned only when the flour had already spoiled. I still wanted to eat, so I had to knead the dough out of what was. At first glance, the idea was unsuccessful: the whole dough rolled into lumps. Then the brothers decided to fry it all the same. To their surprise, some unappetizing clumps became light and airy. This is how the most popular breakfast – corn flakes.