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Cake pigeon’s milk”

Cake “Bird’s Milk” was invented by one Moscow cook and this invention, by the way, was obtained by the author of a patent. They sold it in Moscow on the Arbat in a pastry shop from the restaurant “Prague”. When he was carried out, and this happened da-a-a-leko not every day, the queue lined up, almost like in the Mausoleum. They grabbed 3 -5 pieces each to friends and acquaintances. The proposed recipe is as close to the original as possible at home. The cake is obtained WITHOUTLY delicious. The other day I did it for a man’s anniversary, for his work. The people were shocked and delighted. My husband’s assistant said that the cake created a furor! I sincerely apologize to the Barbie, Natalka9, Tanya-O-511 and Oxana cooks for having unwittingly repeated the recipe they had previously posted. For some reason, only one recipe was given to me on request in the search, but it was completely different.
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Ingredients for “Bird’s Milk Cake”:
Wheat flour / Flour (in the dough – 1 cup + in the cream – 1 tbsp.)
Sugar (in the dough – 1 stack, in the cream – 2 stack, in the glaze – 1/2 stack.) – 3.5 stack.
Chicken egg (in dough – 4, in cream – 10) – 14 pieces
Gelatin – 40 g
Milk (in cream – 1 stack. + In glaze – 3 tbsp.)
Butter (in cream – 300 g, in glaze – 50 g) – 350 g
Vanilla sugar – 1 pack.
Cocoa powder (in glaze) – 5 tbsp. l
Water (boiled warm, for gelatin) – 150 ml
Recipe “Cake” Bird’s Milk “”:
How to bake a biscuit, I did not shoot. The sponge cake here is the most common: beat eggs with sugar for 10 minutes, add flour, stir. Bake on medium heat for 30 minutes. Willingness to check with a match. Cool the prepared sponge cake and cut it into two layers. Everything is elementary.
The main thing in this cake is the CREAM! He is absolutely extraordinary!
So let’s get started. Cream is made in three stages.
Stage FIRST. Gelatin pour warm water.
Separate the yolks from the proteins (keep the proteins in the fridge).
In a small saucepan, beat the yolks with 1 cup of sugar to a lush white mass. Pour in milk, add flour and mix.
Place the saucepan in a water bath and, stirring, bring the cream until bubbles appear. He will greatly increase in volume.
In fact, we cooked custard. Cool a lot, occasionally stirring, so as not to form a film. I put in a bowl of cold water, so to speak, to speed up the process …
Stage II. Butter, softened to room temperature, beat, gradually, in a spoon, adding custard. This will require another saucepan, a little more than the first. Add vanilla sugar or vanillin and mix.
And here we have the gentlest oil cream.
Stage THIRD. Gelatin that has swelled by this time should be brought to complete dissolution and, if necessary, filtered.
The proteins that have cooled down well by this time should be placed in a third pan. It should be even more, 2.5 liters. Beat the whites with a second glass of sugar until strong peaks.
Pour the dissolved gelatin and mix well.
And the last thing – to combine together protein and oil creams, and oil in parts is added to protein, each time carefully beating until homogeneous.
And now our cream is ready. He is quite extraordinary. It is airy, gentlest, stunning silk texture … it is simply impossible to compare it with anything … IT’S UNLIMITED !!!
We collect the cake. Set a ring around the bottom crust (as my sliding ring for cakes helps me !!!). If you wish, you can lightly (but only slightly) soak the sponge cake with syrup with the addition of brandy or rum essence. I just lightly wet it with a brush.
Put our amazing cream, smooth and cover with the second cake plate. Lightly press down. Put in the fridge until it solidifies, preferably overnight.
When the cake completely hardens, remove the ring and cover the cake with chocolate icing. I was already in a hurry, so there was no time to photograph this stage. I got a little glaze, covered only the top, but, in fact, it is necessary to cover the sides too. The cake can not even decorate at all, it is itself self-sufficient.
And finally, the process seems quite long. This is not true. In fact, it is a very fast cake, especially if you use ready-made biscuit cakes. In this case, the cream can be divided into two parts and put the third cake in the middle.
Yes, girls, that’s what else I want to say. The cream turns out VERY much, VERY. On a huge cake. I usually make 2/3 servings: 7 eggs, 27-30 g of gelatin, 200 g of butter … well, and all the other ingredients are also reduced by 1/3.
And still it turns out very big!