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Cottage cheese truffle and its recipe

Those who diets are constantly suffering from the desire to eat something delicious. And such a desire gradually develops into maniacal thoughts, which badly spoil the mood. There is no need to deprive oneself of goodies even during a diet, as there are recipes for such tasty foods that are low in calories but bring great health to health. One of these useful and low-calorie desserts is cottage cheese truffle, which is cooked very easily and only for half an hour.
These snacks are also good because they have a creamy pleasant taste with a touch of toffee. By the way, the process of cooking cottage cheese truffles can also become enjoyable, since each housewife can attract her imagination and use exactly the ingredients she wants as a filling.
So, for making curd truffles you will need a set of the following components:
– cocoa powder (three tsp);
– dried figs large (five pieces);
– medium-fat cottage cheese (260 g);
– high-quality butter (26 g);
– condensed milk (two tablespoons);
– Cookies “To Kawi” or “Jubilee” (130 g);
– sugar for caramelization of walnuts (two tsp with a slide);
– Peeled walnuts (48 g).
Chop walnuts with a knife, then fry them in a hot frying pan for two minutes, then add sugar and continue frying for another minute. Cool the caramelized walnuts quite a bit, and then with a fork, carefully knead the condensed milk, creamy softened butter and cottage cheese.
Caramelized warm walnuts add to curd mass, put chopped figs in the same container, as well as cookies, chopped in a blender.
Knead all the ingredients thoroughly, then they should be tasted, and if they are not sweet enough, then you can add a little more condensed milk.
To form cones in the form of cones from the nuts and curd mass, then roll them in waffle, chocolate chips or pre-sifted cocoa powder, then put them in the refrigerator until they are completely cooled.
If sweets are planned to be stored in the future, then there is no better place than the refrigerator, since it is there that they retain their shape, taste and freshness.
Curd truffles can be served for tea at warm friendly gatherings, and friends will appreciate the taste of such a dessert.