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Fact No. 1. American scientists conducted research, during the course of which it was found…

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Favorite cakes - that we do not know about them?
A cake is an essential attribute of a festive table for a birthday, a wedding…

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Torta (from Italian. Torta, earlier from Lat. Torta, round bread) is a dessert, a type…

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Chef Profession: Creativity and Physical Training

Do you like to cook, experiment, create culinary masterpieces? You know well how to “make people tasty”, or do you want to learn it? Then the profession of a cook for you. This is an interesting profession that gives plenty of imagination and allows the cook to show their creative abilities, but at the same time it is not easy: in some organizations it is required to work 12 hours a day, 2-3 days in a row.
Let’s see what personal qualities are necessary for those who want to become a master in the field of cooking, what are the prospects for career growth, where you can learn this profession, what is included in the work duties of cooks.
Job description and responsibilities
If you believe the etymological dictionary, the word “cook” comes from the East Slavic “var”, which means heat and boiling water. In the navy, this position is called cook.
The main duty of a cook is to prepare various dishes, design them, and develop new personal recipes. Also the chef makes the menu, forms orders for products and semi-finished products. One of the specializations of this profession is a pastry chef who is engaged in the preparation and decoration of confectionery products. In addition, the chef controls the quality of products and the process of cooking, the operation and maintenance of kitchen equipment, and also takes into account the consumed raw materials.
Most often schools prepare cooks of a wide profile. Graduates are introduced to the stages of cooking, the rules for the selection of ingredients for different dishes and the primary processing of products, and also provide basic knowledge of the cuisines of different nations of the world and the manufacture of a number of popular dishes and confectionery. And in the future, experts, if desired, master any individual culinary areas, for example, a pastry chef, a Japanese cook or a sauces specialist.
The profession can be acquired in special colleges, secondary technical schools and vocational technical schools. In Irkutsk, cooks are taught, for example, in the Irkutsk Regional Technical College of the Food Industry and in the College of Service and Tourism Economics. There you can enter after the end of the 9th or 11th grade. Duration of ninth-graders is 2.5 years, eleventh graders – only 1 year.
Here you can go and additional courses. Moreover, the college offers different: in Japanese and Russian cuisine, in creative table setting, in food design.
Attend training sessions, seminars and workshops sometimes needed. This allows you to expand the range of skills, and any benefits in the labor market are appreciated. In Irkutsk, there are many options for expanding the range of professional opportunities: in the city there are supplementary education institutions, both public and private, and there are separate workshops from professionals in their field.
Cooks – college graduates are usually assigned the 3rd category. Career can start with the assistant chef. An ordinary employee receives low wages, and much depends on the location, experience and quality of work.
In addition, cooks are usually provided free meals. Professionals have career prospects, first to the shift supervisor, then to the sous-chef – chief assistant and, finally, to the chef himself. The chef is already 5-6 discharges.
Recently, many graduates of colleges and lyceums willingly go to private chefs and canteens of private firms. This option is promising and we pay enough, and the demand for it is growing.
Work places
Chef activity is a job in the service industry. This is a profession for restaurants, cafes, canteens, bars, catering places, home services. In addition, cooks can work in food factories and mills, in cooking stores, and also open private practice.
Most of the vacancies imply a shift work schedule – 2 days after 2 or 3 days after 3. But there are those where you need to work a week after a week. You can also get a job at a recreation center on the Small Sea with a work schedule of 2 weeks after 2.
Employers need tidy, executive and responsible employees, appreciating the ability to work well together in a team. In addition, the presence of medical books and specialized education is usually important. But some institutions are ready to take beginners or students with no work experience and independently teach the tricks of the art of cooking.
Often, universal cooks are required, who will both prepare hot and cold dishes, as well as engage in decorating, participate in a planned inventory, make reports on product decommissioning, and so on. But sometimes institutions need specialists separately in a hot shop, separately in a cold one, teachers of master classes.